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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Smart Aleck

DH would be proud, mostly.

I have an (apparently) annoying habit of answer people's questions...when they are just wondering out loud, like in a museum or something.

DH tells me that they really do not want someone to answer their question. If I ask a question, I want an answer!

Anyway, I was in Target and this young couple was looking at decorations for their house--apparently a "jungle" theme. The man picked up a Southeast Asian-style Buddha and his wife (girlfriend?) declared it scary and kept asking, "What is that?"

I bit my tongue.

Then the man said it was a Buddha...but the wife was not convinced. "Buddhas are fat and they smile," she argued.

Still I bit my tongue.

Just when I was about to explode, the man saw me glancing over and asked, "Its a Buddha, right?"

And I said, "Yes."

The lady asked, "Aren't Buddhas fat?"

I explained, "A lot of the Chinese ones are...but the ones in other Buddhist areas usually look like this one."

Okay, so I did not keep my mouth shut entirely...but at least I waited until the question was directly posed to me. I also didn't launch into a 2-minute mini art history lecture.

Aren't you proud?


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