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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Three Month Slump

Anyone else feeling it?

Right now DH and I are a little past the three month mark. I've pushed through to this point and I still have a bunch of things to keep me busy.

Somehow, though, I feel like I have hit a slump. Maybe it is because this will now be the longest without even seeing each other once. Maybe it is because DH has had less and less time to chat online. Maybe it is the hormones plateauing. Maybe it is just because DH won't take mid-tour until August when the baby is due. Maybe it is because a lot of my volunteer work will wrap up in April or May.

Whatever it is, I feel that sadness creeping into my thoughts more than before during quiet times.

When I step outside and smell people firing up their BBQs...

When I see a beautiful full moon or a stunning sunset...

When I feel the baby kick...

I really thought that I'd miss DH most when things go wrong that he would normally fix. Instead, I find I miss him when life shows me how special the world is.

All of that seems bitter sweet.

Don't worry, I'm still positive! I support my husband 100%. Just being honest with you all, in case anyone is feeling the same thing.


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