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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gimme Your Money

For a Junior League fundraiser for the Children's Advocacy Center (works with abused children) I have visited over 24 local stores, begging for money and auction items. I've also helped mail invites and get decorations ready.

I am so tired! We got a lot of gift certificates from the restaurants, two ceiling fans from Lowes (odd, but generous), and possibly a really nice quilt. I also got a winery to donate and a few other businesses. Hopefully this will bring in lots of money for the kids.

A lot of larger businesses have cut down on their giving after the Hurricane--they are either going entirely through the national office or they have chosen just one charity to support.

Still, I think we will do pretty well....the event is also almost sold out and we just started selling tickets.

One of my stops was Petsmart...and I made the mistake of looking at their adoption center. Two little kitties called out to me when they saw me look. One started purring as soon as I ame near the cage--I did not even have to touch him. I already have two adorable kitties and the baby on the way...please give me strength. I'd adopt them all if I could.

While a friend and I were soliciting for prizes, we went out for Sushi. There we chatted with a member of DH's fan club, the Sushi chef. He went on and on about how smart, how handsome, how successful and how brave my husband is.

Of course he is; I married him.

Still, it never fails to amaze me how DH just draws everyone in and wins them over.

More blogging when things settle down a little.


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