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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not One of My Best Days

Today was blah--although my mood is good.

I woke up to go to volunteer tutoring and had a TERRIBLE headache.

It has been really hot in the house so I think I got dehydrated. I've got the ceiling fans on now but I refuse to turn on air conditioning in February.

So, I slept for another hour, had a cup of tea and several cups of water, and started to get myself together.

Then the toilet clogged. So, I had to go next door to borrow a plunger.

Then I spent the rest of the day wrestling with some really buggy proprietary software have to use for one of my consulting projects.

Then I agreed to write an article that does not really interest me for a magazine just so they keep coming to me with more articles.

Finally, I received an e-mail from our FRG leader. Rear Detachment is going to call all of us to verify our numbers and check on us. Some of the ladies don't have e-mails (and many who do not have e-mails are not 100% comfortable with the English language), so as a key caller I have to now find time to call all of the ones on my list ASAP so they aren't freaked out by a call from the military while their husbands are deployed.

One of the ladies on my list seems to be having some difficulties, so I have to try to draw that out of her as subtly as possible.

On a brighter note, I've received some nice Valentine's cards from friends and family and I have plans to get out of town for a little this weekend.

Also, at least having to ask for the plunger meant that I finally got around to asking my neighbor over.

Things are looking up!


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