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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Vicissitudes of the Postal Service

Does anyone want to explain why two packages, sent from the same location at the same exact time via the same mail class to the same address would arrive at much different times?

DH received my package of plastic organizers (Field Artillery Red, Hooah!) for his room yesterday, but not his Valentine's Gift Package it is at least two days behind the other one at this point. If this is the only package to get "lost" I will be miffed. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

In better news, I got a rare phone call today. DH has a second bout of illness, revenge of the Kuwaiti Krud. I don't know how we managed to share germs thousands of miles apart, but we were both sniffling through the conversation.

Still, the conversation was incredibly enjoyable. DH's voice is so rich and deep, it really has a calming effect on me.

I hope I did not overwhelm DH with my incessant talk about the pregnancy, the birth, and the baby registry. I try to hold back a bit with everyone else--even with one of my other pregnant friends, I want her to be able to enjoy the baby stuff with her husband who is home.

Since my mom lives in NY and DH is deployed, I mostly keep my obsessing to myself. When DH called, the dam broke and out poured the babymania.

Fortunately, DH's illness arrived at a relatively decent time. His platoon is on leave so he has been running around the FOB taking care of maintenance and other necessary and boring, but less intense, tasks. However, I know DH is itching to get back to the usual missions.

Hopefully he'll be in tip top shape by the time his men get back.

DH said my voice was healing for him--and I am more than happy to perform that wifely and patriotic duty.


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