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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Ft. Hood Women's Clinic Actually Answered!

I am in shock. So far the Women's Clinic has been the bane of my pregnancy. I was not expecting this experience to be any different.

When I went to my last appointment, my midwife told me to call in two to three weeks to make my 18 week appointment, since the clinic only schedules appointments a month out.

My friend, having been told the same thing, dutifully called in to make her next appointment and after finally getting through was told, "We are booked through this month and we do not open next months booking for a couple of weeks. Call back then."

So, I was ready for the whole gauntlet.

Well, I called and they picked up on the first ring! They made an appointment at around the right time and they even made my sonogram appointment at the right time!

I am so excited to see my baby. Even though I am growing a small bump, I don't really look or feel pregnant yet. Only when I was hearing the heartbeat did this all feel real.

I can only imagine how surreal it is for DH to be so far away and trying to imagine that his first child is growing inside of his wife, who he has only seen on a grainy, slow webcam since he found out about the pregnancy.


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