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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Valentine's Day Presents from DH!

Dh decided to experiment with Yahoo! voice today. There was a lot of static, so we could not really carry on a conversation, but I did get the treat of hearing his voice.

During our IM session that followed, DH told me that he attempted to send flowers back when they still were using the computer banks. The order apparently did not go through but it really is the thought that counts!

Besides, some of my old sorority sisters had sent me flowers this week anyway--although that is not as special as flowers from Hubby, I still have flowers brightening the house.

Maybe the mysterious flowers will appear at some later, unexpected point.

What did arrive in the mail today:

* A special baby book from one of DH's friends who recently moved to Australia and had a baby with his wife there.

* A gift package of chocolates, a candle, and soap from my "Secret Pal" in the Junior League

* Best of all, a present from DH:

A couple of weeks ago DH also said that he had sent me something silly but useful from the P/X...I said, "That sounds like me: silly and useful."

Perfect timing--the envelope arrived today. He bought me a little glasses kit. Before he left, mine had fallen apart. DH remembered and knows me well enough to know that I haven't bothered to fix them since then (I tend to let these little "just for me" things drop).

What a sweet gesture! DH takes care of me, whether he is near or far...and the handle of the mini-screw driver is red, so it is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Now that is real romance!


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