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Monday, February 20, 2006

De-Ice Killeen

We had an ice "storm" on Saturday. I say "storm" because it would have been a non-event in New York but around here it was treated as a sign of the Apocalypse.

Of course, this is the night my friend and I pick for a girls night out in Austin. What do two pregnant ladies do on a cold icky night out? Eat mostly. One guy tried to hit on us, in a row as we walked past him. We considered going dancing or to a jazz club, but we were tired and a little concerned about the smokiness of clubs in Texas.

On the way home, we saw no fewer than ten major accidents along I-35 and I saw another one on my way home from her place. Fortunately, my friend is from Nebraska and was driving an SUV, so I felt pretty safe.

The next morning, I went to go check out the baby sale at Toys R Us and a bridge on a major road was shut down, so I had to drive around a bit. Since I was down by the highway, I ran errands...I really miss running errands with DH! He makes it so much more fun.

With the icky weather, it has been kind of blah here. I hate driving around Killeen in this weather since DH and I have both been hit here--one time a cop almost hit me! My theory is that it is all these 18 year olds driving way too much car, without the parental threat of grounding should they get into accidents. I am really nervous about getting hit while I'm pregnant.

On a positive note, you may remember that I was a Brigade Volunteer of the Month. I am the volunteer of the year from my Battalion, so I have to submit all sorts of info about all the different volunteering I do on and off post. I don't think it will go any farther than that because I haven't really made any unique contribution to the division or to post; most of my work has been for the Battalion and for the Junior League, but it is nice to know the ladies in the Battalion FRG appreciate my efforts!

Also, the guys got the last banner we signed for them at the FRG meeting and DH says he was impressed with my paint job--the FRG leader drew the design and I painted it.


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