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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Award Winning Army Wife

One of the things I like about blogging is I can brag about myself in a way I would never do in person. In fact, I HAVE to. It is my obligation as a blogger.

On Friday I received a phone call, "Are you planning to attend the volunteer awards ceremony?"


Well, I didn't get my invitation but it turns out I had been selected as a volunteer of the month for our Brigade.

After that, I get two more calls to see if I had received an invitation or been called. Typical Army.

I've received company-level awards before and I figured this would be about the same. So, I show up, expecting a simple ceremony for our Brigade, with maybe 10 to 20 people. Nope.

This was for the ENTIRE DIVISION, three volunteer awardees from each Brigade, AND three Purple Heart recipients. I felt pretty darn silly getting an award as part of the same ceremony for Purple Heart recipients--they are the ones who deserve all of the accolades.

I received a FRAMED certificate from the Division's "First Lady" (the commanding general's wife) and a little "medal" with the Division's symbol. There were photographers and CAMERA crews. Eek.

Then, tonight I went to a Junior League meeting. After I went made my announcements, they told me to stay at the podium. One of my fellow Junior Leaguers also has a husband in the Division and had come to support a friend of hers who was getting the same award. She told on me and announced my award to the whole meeting.


That was so sweet of her.


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