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Monday, January 09, 2006

First Prenatal Visit

My first prenatal visit was surprising painless after my other ordeals.

You show up and take a number (even if you have an appointment). Luckily, my appointment was early enough that the room had not yet filled.

Then I spoke with a nurse and filled out a ton of paperwork. She set me up with one of the midwives I requested for an appointment in just two weeks.

After that, off to the lab to take another number. Once at the desk, the nurse gave me a cup for a urine sample and another number for the bloodwork.

While there, the alarm started going off, but everyone just stayed put.

Fifteen minutes later, with the alarm still going off, I was called to get my blood drawn.

The technician was super-quick, filling up about five vials of blood.

Then, down to the basement for the nutrition consultant. I was ready for stress because one of my friends was given a hard time for losing a couple of pounds due to her morning sickness (very common) and I heard about another woman who was reduced to tears by a consultant who did not like that she was a vegeterian.

The consultant just asked if I know how to make sure I get all of my nutrients through my vegeterian diet. I said "yes," and was on my way.


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