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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year, Part Deux...An Improvement

After the party was called off, I checked the mail and found a package with Chinese writing all over it.

I opened it and it seemed to consist entirely of styrofoam. Odd. I perservered and was not disappointed. Inside was a Christmas present from DH--a jasper bowl from China!

When we were last in NYC, we had gone to the Met and were fascinated by some jasper bowls; now I have my very own!

I also got another gift from DH, a "Who's Your Baghdaddy" tee, which I will sleep in tonight. I don't know how large DH thinks my pregnant belly will get, but right now I'm SWIMMING in the tee!

Best of all, DH called to welcome in the New Year with me!

Hope your New Year was also filled with joy and happiness...and I hope all of the non-preggers people drank one (who am I kidding? several...many...) for me!


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