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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I am NOT worried

I am NOT worried.

Just because DH was calling or e-mailing or IM'ing almost every day and now I have not heard from him in the last few days does NOT mean I am worried.


I know too much about how these things work to be worried.

Most definitely NOT worried.

Okay...that's a post tonight from my brain. My heart is temporarily hibernating for its own good.

I know that I will get used to the ups and downs and communication irregularities eventually. Everything is always tougher the first time around! I had a friend who didn't hear from her husband for three weeks when he went on a partiularly dangerous mission. Then I think about our grandmothers (generationally speaking)...who went months without communication during World War II. Their husbands were sometimes gone for years, and the counted themselves lucky to get a letter every month or so.

By the way, vacuuming is EXHAUSTING when you are preggers. Really missing those DH back rubs right now.

Sorry for the randomness of the post. I've been very busy working and prepping for my mom's visit. I may have to take a couple of days break from blogging...or maybe not, we'll see.

When I come back, I may talk politics a little. I am feeling all riled up again.


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