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Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Symptom

Well, I finally have another pregnancy symptom to add to the exhaustion and swollenness...a headache that is on the third day of its visit.

According to my books, my hormones are spiking this week, so increased nausea and headaches are likely. Only a tiny bit of nausea (probably from the headache, actually) and still no actual "sickness," but this headache is not a barrel of laughs.

I can't tell if it is from stuffed up sinuses or if it is migraine.

I'm trying to tough it out and avoid the Tylenol as much as possible...but I did take one tablet on Saturday and one yesterday.

Since I don't really have any obligations besides my flexible work schedule...I'm trying to just sleep, steam (just on my face--don't worry), and hydrate it out, rather than subject the baby to too many meds.

I might try a half cup of tea since I do not drink soda or coffee and I haven't had much chocolate lately--the tiny bit of caffeine won't be harmful and it may open things up a little.

If I still have it by tomorrow, though, I am going to go in to walk-in hours and see if everything is normal.

Hopefully it will be gone by the time my mom comes to visit.

A back rub from DH would be heaven right now, but I guess I will survive without.


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