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Monday, January 09, 2006

Return to Reality

My mother and I spent a lovely weekend in San Antonio and Austin, visiting the Alamo and eating out and listening to jazz. I got some nice exercise walking along the Riverwalk.

I returned to a more sobering schedule of deadlines, demands, and our first Brigade-level deaths.

Unfortunately, two members of our brigade were killed in action this weekend. I had not heard because I was not watching the news. I found out reading DH's e-mails when I returned home.

My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families, as they are with all of our troops.

I did get to webcam and IM with DH, though, so that was a comfort.

Even though my mom is here, I still have some deadlines to meet. I just finished two more articles and I have a web curriculum project due tomorrow.

Also in my inbox was a series of no fewer than five e-mails from one wife who wanted to be approved for our password protected Battalion website. The Department of the Army has it set up so that each subscription must be manually verified and approved.

I do not mind, because I know that she was anxious to get information, especially living out of town, but sometimes I wonder if people realize that they are talking to volunteers, who are just spouses like them.

Well, this week I will have some FRG activities, so I'll have more Army homefront info to share...I will also share some updates from DH.


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