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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mailing the Comforts of Home

The other day I mailed a priority envelope from the post office affiliate on post. They told me because it was under one pound, I did not need a customs form. I asked if they were sure and they said absolutely.

Today I mailed out a priority envelope from the post office in town, and they said I need a customs form.

GREAT. So, the contents of the envelopes that may or may not arrive are just some magazines, pillow cases, and DVDs.

DH packed his sheets in a tuff box that did not arrive for a couple of weeks after him--and (UGH!) did you see that mattress? Well, I guess he forgot pillow cases. If they do not arrive soon, I'll have to go buy some and send them out.

For those looking for care package items for less forthcoming soldiers, DH is now asking for beef jerky, individually wrapped granola bars, and fig newtons. He said he is on the go and it is tough to sit for a meal.

Another big hit was the corkboard. DH asked for a large corkboard and I found corkboard squares at Walmart that fit into normal priority boxes and can be assembled into one large corkboard. Dh says that corkboards cost big bucks where he is and that the squares were perfect.

An update about DH's work (to the extent I can share it) will be coming soon.


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