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Monday, March 13, 2006

More on the Yale Taliban Issue

Returning to the Taliban at Yale issue...

I just received my copy of the Yale electronic newsletter:

You may have read recently that a former press spokesman for the Taliban was attending Yale. The individual was approved by the U.S. government for a visa to study in this country. Yale has allowed him to take courses for college credit in a part-time program that does not award Yale degrees. Contrary to what has been reported by some in the media, he has not been admitted to Yale as an undergraduate.

Some of the articles I read said that he was applying in the spring for full-time student status and others seemed to imply that he had been accepted.

I am very happy that Yale has clarified this and has an opportunity to remain true to its values.

Please, do the right thing Yale.

If you are interested, you can see/hear/read about some of my friends speaking on the issue:

Articles on Read all about how a Yale bureaucrat called a friend of mine "retarded"

Watch one of my friends on Fox and Friends. This is another link if the first does not work.

Read the transcript of an interview with another of my friends (also has an mp3 file) on Hugh Hewitt.


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