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Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Hot Is It? (My Busy Day)

It is so hot... I had to turn the a/c on so the chocolate chips would solidify enough for me to vacuum seal the cookies I just made.

I woke up bright and early to attend the Ft. Hood Women's Conference. I learned some simple flower arranging and have my handiwork on my table right now. The next two classes were a little silly--Decorating and Entertaining 101 did not really teach me anything I did not already know or could not pick up from a book. I skipped out on my final session: Easy Gourmet Recipes. I'm a pretty good cook and figured I have plenty of good recipes already.

I am looking to quilt-making tomorrow!

Then I baked three batches of cookies for the Children's Advocacy Center, which provides services to abused children.

The remaining cookies will go to DH and his platoon. I am making a little surprise, but since he reads this blog I will share after he receives the package.

Now I should go finish up and then actually do some work.


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