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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

St. Patrick's Day Care Package

Since the platoon, minus DH, came home for Valentine's Day, I sent them a St. Patrick's Care Package.

There is not much around here. I guess the Irish did not make it this far inland.

I baked some cookies. I tried to make shamrocks, but I put them too close together and did not make them thick enough. Since I figured they still tasted fine, I included them. I added some chocolate chips and some M&M cookies. I vacuum sealed individual packs of these three types for each of the soldiers and then vacuum sealed some extras to pass around.

At Hobby Lobby I picked up shamrock gift bags and stuffed these with the cookies, a shamrock pencil, and a sample sized Irish Spring. Predictably, DH said the guys asked if I thought they smelled. The St. Paddy's connection was too cute to pass up, though, and...well...they probably could use the soap. I mean, I know I would stink in their circumstances and we all know women always smell like rose gardens, baby powder, and banana bread. ;-)

I would have loved to have found some individual servings of Lucky Charms and maybe a four leaf clover key chain or some such, but no such luck. That was an unintentional pun, but I think I will leave it in and end on that note.

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