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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Boy or Girl?

I sent a version of this poll to all my friends...and I am wondering what my readers I having a boy or a girl? I should find out in less than a week, so get your votes in now!

DH and I are just happy to be having a baby, but it is fun to play the guessing game. If you have a different method you want to use, ask me in the comments section.

My Ballot Box

What are DH and I having?



What method did you use to answer?

Age of Mother = 28 at conception and birth

Birthdates of Parents = Dad (11/05/76) Mom (10/17/77)

How Mother is Carrying = hard to tell, kind of low

Mother's Cravings = no big cravings, more salty than sweet

Baby's Due Date = August 17, 2006

Mother's Hair and Nails = growing fast

Mother's Morning Sickness = none

Baby's Heartrate = 144 at 17 weeks

Mother's Face Change = none so far

Gut Instinct

Wild Guess


How sure are you?

Very sure

Somewhat sure

Not sure

View Results


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