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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Little Scare

This morning I tripped over my big fat cat. (As opposed to my tiny svelte one)

When I feed them or open the closet that has their treats, I am always very careful. That is not how this happened.

I went to a corner in my room to take something off of my night stand. In the meantime, Loki decided to take a nap right in my return path. I turned around, took two steps, and promptly tripped over him.

I fell pretty hard.

So, I got on the internet and researched. The answer? "Try not to fall when pregnant."

Thanks. That helps.

So, I called the Women's Clinic and the nurse or receptionist responds, "Oh, Dear."

Now I feel like crying.

So, off to the Women's Clinic where I sit and wait. The doctor was really nice though. He told me that if I was not cramping I was probably fine. Still, he did an ultrasound and checked for the heartbeat.

Baby waved and wiggled.

So, just a little rugburn and soreness, all else is well.

I forgot to add that last night I had a dream that I was horseback riding but I was scared because I was afraid to fall and hurt the baby. Before anyone gets any funny ideas, I actually do love to horseback ride. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


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