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Friday, February 02, 2007

Wow...Two and a Half Months!

I am still alive.

I want to thank everyone who has been commenting and visiting.

Every time I went to write, the task of catching up seemed overwhelming. I just had so much on my plate.

DH came home.

Lilah had her operation.

We went to New York--saw family, saw friends, had Lilah baptised, DH interviewed for jobs at various DA's offices. Oh, yeah. Did I mention? We're getting out of the military in the early summer. More on this later.

Lilah stopped sleeping well, implementing the Cry Baby Shuffle.

I had a VERY OPPRESSIVE deadline, requiring me to work whenever I was not taking care of Lilah. DH makes a very good Mr. Mom and definitely could have a carrier as a Manny if the law does not work out again post-military.

Well, the Deadline was met. I have other projects, but I'm taking a little break.

Besides enjoying being a Mommy with nothing really hanging over my head, today I went to "mandatory fun" (a welcome home carnival), hung out with my husband, finished a small work project, caught up on e-mail, sent out feelers for a Mommy Group, posted on Spouse Buzz, and started writing (personal projects) again.

And I posted here to say hello again to all of you.

How are you doing?

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