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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I SHOULD be doing work but I just wanted to share with y'all:

My baby is two months old (as of yesterday). She weighs 12 lbs, 8 oz!!! That's right--twelve and a half pounds of sweet, sweet pudge. She is 23 inches.

Everywhere we go, doctors and nurses keep asking, "You're breastfeeding her? And you are JUST breastfeeding her? No supplements at all???"

Lilah did very well at her well baby and THIS doctor actually listened to me and agrees that she is suffering from reflux. Ironically, the doctor Lilah was supposed to see was out and it just so turns out that her PCM (who was not originally on the well-baby schedule) was substituting. This doctor is awesome and she has these beautiful, wild yellow eyes.

As we were waiting for Lilah's shots, two nurses walked by and said, "There's a baby over there who looks just like a doll!"

Here's my "little" doll:

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Oh, and here's a smile:

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