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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is what it sounds like...when the baby cries...

Just because it wouldn't be fun if it were easy...

Lilah had her first "Tet" spell minutes after I dropped my mom off at the airport. She started screaming and so I pulled over as fast as I could. When I got to the back seat, she was purple and clammy. I settled her down and she returned to her pink color.

Finally, she settled down enough to allow me to drive the rest of the way home. Right now Lilah is nestled happily in her sling. The house seems so empty with just us two gals and the kitties.

Normally I can calm her pretty quickly, but it took me a couple of minutes to find a place to pull over and get into the back seat with her. I wonder if I can survive off of what I have in my pantry for the next three months so I don't have to take any trips to Walmart with her?

I have been reading all these books about colic and every doctor has a different theory as to why some babies fuss or cry more than others--it is an allergy, it is reflux, it is because they miss the womb, it is temperment, it is because they are overtired.

I have my own theory. Babies are born with the secrets of the universe. They cry out of frustration because they know they will forget them before they are able to communicate them to us. I imagine Lilah is crying out:

There is a small but common and completely non-toxic plant in the Amazon that cures most types of cancer.

I can prove the existence of God.

Following this five step plan will bring peace to the Middle East.

Grey is versatile and flattering--it is the new Black.

And so on...

Speaking of those books, ever notice that the experts seem to have longer days than the rest of us? I am supposed to wear Lilah three hours a day; nurse every 2-3 hours or more on cue; take her for walks between naps (in this heat?); bathe, massage, and soothe her before bed; etc.

While she is daytime napping, I am supposed to:

1. Nap
2. Get work done
3. Enjoy some "me time"
4. Maintain connections with friends and family (although Lilah's condition precludes a lot of group gatherings for me right now)
5. Do housework
6. Make "couple time" (if DH were home)

That's a lot to pack into a few 2 hour shifts.

I've been trying to convince Lilah she needs to cry less. I've tried explaining that the appointment line has no available appointments for crying with mommy today. I've told her TRICARE won't cover more than three total hours of crying a week.

Somehow she's not buying it.

Yup, never dull around here...well, I'm off to catch some shuteye. Maybe if I am lucky I'll start cleaning in my sleep. That would definitely help.

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