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Friday, September 15, 2006


Although I have been using this site to vent a lot...there is a lot that has gone as well or better than expected.

It is the East European in me that makes me hesitate to count blessings out loud.

First of all, Lilah is gaining weight from some very successful breastfeeding. Apparently this is unusual for a heart baby. This is especially wonderful since the breastmilk will help protect her from illness.

Lilah generally sleeps for decently long stretches at night despite the fussiness during the day and the occasional resistance to falling asleep.

The cats don't seem to mind her at all, in fact they seem to like her a lot. I was afraid they would mistake her for another cat, or worse, prey. So far though my skittish Russian Blue princess seems mildly interested and my big random breed seems to think she is another lady to protect. So far neither have showed any signs of aggression and the big one's affections have been gentle. Of course, I still lock them out at night...but just because I am afraid they might decide to cuddle with her, not because I think they would intentionally hurt her.

DH is positively in love with her and is so supportive of me. When I tell him what is going on, he always asks my opinion/instincts and then compliments me on what he thinks I am doing right. He doesn't try to problem solve from afar (which I think could be frustrating for both of us) but is always willing to listen.

Most importantly, Lilah is just a gorgeous, sweet little bundle of joy if I do say so myself. She loves to cuddle and her stretches of playtime are trending longer and longer. She smiles so sweetly in her sleep; I can't wait to see her first real smile (which of course will be photographed and posted)!!!

I really do love being a mother, even if the surrounding circumstances are a little overwhelming at the moment!

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