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Friday, January 27, 2006

Just the Blues, Not the Mean Reds

Now that DH and I have told all of our friends, I think I am feeling DH's absence a little more. Maybe it is because I would love to share all the excitement and joy with him. Maybe it is because we had this little secret (although our immediate family and some of our local military friends knew) and now it is no longer just ours.

Spreading the word was a lot of fun, though, and makes up for whatever has been lost.

As the word gets around, we are receiving tons of responses from our friends and extended family.

DH has now been gone for a little over seven weeks. Although I miss him a lot I am still feeling very upbeat in general. Today, though, with cloudy weather, no where special to be, and just a whole lot of work and cleaning to acomplish, I must admit I am feeling a little blah. Not a lot, just a little. Certainly not the Mean Reds...not really even the Blues...maybe just some lower case, robin's egg color blues.

I think sometimes it is easy to just go and go and as soon as you slow down, it all hits you--like when you injure yourself but all of the adrenaline keeps the soreness away until the next morning.


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