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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

First Real Prenatal Exam

My exam went real well. My midwife is awesome. The baby's heartbeat was strong and audible. I checked out great.

The midwife even said I had a strong, well...since there are men reading I will not say what...but the ladies know the part that helps keep the baby in place until baby is ready to be born. It rhymes with a Gaul of comic fame.

I spent the next several hours calling my closest friends. All were surprised and ecstatic. I told DH it was Operation Shock and Joy. For most of my friends, we're the first. I have one younger friend who has two already, but for those who do not know her, this is a big novelty. They all wanted to know if they could do anything, how I was feeling, whether I had an morning sickness, were we trying to conceive, and then finally they all started to attempt to calculate the conception date.

Perhaps they wanted to know if we were hanging out with them, possibly when we were couch surfing at there place, around the time we conceived?

One friend responded, "So that would be Yale class of 2027, right?"

I thought that was cute.

One of my friends was distant though. She's been that way the last few times we've spoken. She's usually so direct and I cannot think of anything I have done to upset her, so I just have shrugged it off. The only thing I can think of is that when we visit the area, we send out e-mails to everyone. I have been worried our friends may feel like we expect them to just drop everything to see us. That is not the case, it is just that the military gives us such poor notice, that we do not know leave dates until the last minute. If she's cold next time I am home on a visit, I will ask her if anything is wrong.

That was the one sour note. Other than that, it was an exhausting, but happy phone marathon.


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