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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Of Mice and Babies

Our best laid plans...well, they often go awry.

I have been listening to Hypnobirthing tapes in hopes of having a "natural" birth (without medical pain killers).

Today I found out that Lilah is 38 weeks. If I present in labor with a transverse lie, I cannot have a vaginal birth. If my water breaks, or if I labor too long in this position, serious complications are likely.

Mom is not here yet, DH is not here yet. In laws are expected at some unknown date for some unknown length of time.

I need to just hold out at least until Mom gets here...hopefully safely holding out until DH gets here.

I am a little miffed at the Women's Clinic (again) because:

(A) I realize now that her transverse position should have been obvious...why was this not address at my 36 week appointment?

(B) I did not see my regular midwife today (38 week) appointment and the doctor (and the semi-retired "expert" she called in for consult) acted like "typical" doctors. They just said, "Come in at the first sign of labor." No explanation of examination to determine if I developed late placenta previa (apparently a possible cause) discussion of suggestions for exercises or anything that might fix the problem. Of course I asked questions, but without any base knowledge of this issue, I had no idea what specific questions to ask. My general questions were basically answered with the sentiment that there is nothing I can do.

When I got home, I began my usual strategy of researching every issue to death...and what I found suggests babies in transverse at 38 weeks don't turn. Still, I am praying and hoping for a turn.

Of course, I will be very happy with any birth that results in DH and I holding our healthy baby girl.

So, I am braving the phone system of the Ft. Hood Women's Clinic tomorrow to try to get some answers...what are the odds of her properly positioning at this point? what can I do to increase these odds? at some point, is it safer to schedule a c-section rather than wait for a potentially dangerous labor to start and have to do an emergency c-section anyway?

I also contacted the Austin Hypnobirth center to see if they could give me a session to encourage Lilah to turn.

In the meantime, I have been doing pelvic tilts, while shining a flashlight at my pelvis. Tomorrow I buy headphones for the same purpose. Amusing, no?

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