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Friday, July 21, 2006

People Who Should Get Help

1. Saw someone driving around with "No Drama" spelled out on their back window--in 2ft glitter letters.

2. A mother playing the crane game at Walmart--her poor toddler is asking (nicely I might add), "Please momma, let me. I wanna try." Mom's answer? "No, you can't do it. You're no good." BTW--Mom didn't snag any of the exciting "prizes" either. It is a freakin' game lady. Way to build your kid's self esteem.

3. Again, another winner from Walmart. Mom to young child: "Shut the f--- up or I will smack you upside the head." Wonder what that kid will be like in school.

Think if I buy a pair of red slippers at Walmart and click my heels three times I'll be magically transported back to New York? Or at least far away from Killeen?

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