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Thursday, July 13, 2006

All in the Timing

Lately I've had a lot of friends canceling on things because they are not feeling well. No one's fault...just bad timing.

One of my friends went into labor three weeks early. Nevertheless, it seems as if her baby boy is going to be about 8lbs...imagine if he went to 40 weeks? So that was good timing.

Tonight I am supposed to go to a free performance at a local theater. My friend has one of the leads. I was going to go with another friend but her son is not feeling well.

I went out for five minutes to water the lawn and missed DH's call. I usually keep the phone with me--but I was only out for a couple of minutes. Just bad timing.

Now I am bummed and just don't feel like going anywhere. I wish he would call back, but as the minutes tick by, that seems less and less likely.

Sometimes it is just all in the timing.


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