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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Room of Her Own...

Although my baby will be bunking in with me (and eventually my husband) until she is a little older, I don't think I'll be much up for preparing her nursery right after giving birth or right after DH returns.

So, my mom has been visiting and helping me lift/drag heavy objects home from various stores. Then I've been assembling the furniture (no pre-assembled for me--what do you think I am? made of money?) with her assistance.

Right now her nursery is a lovely sage green and it has a crib, a glider and ottoman for mom, and the dresser is almost assembled. Her bedding and accessories have a "jungle" theme. I also threw in some lavender accents just to girl it up a little.

She is still in need of a crib mattress (looks like the P/X has good prices) and a bookcase. Why are bookcases SO ridiculously expensive??? I was planning on using the dresser top for a changing table (it is designed to work that way) but mom is trying to convince me to just get a changing table, too.

Next step is to organize her closet.

It would have been nice if DH could have been here, but I think we are doing a decent job. I have a feeling, though, that DH will take one look at my handiwork and make furniture assembly one of my household jobs. It is one of his least favorite duties around the house. We'll see if I can pass it back to him when he returns...


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