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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ancient Hostess Trick

I've learned a little secret.

I've been frustrated here trying to host get togethers. Most do not RSVP. Those who do, frequently back out last minute due to exhaustion, unexpected schedule changes, etc.

This becomes worse once the men deploy. Somehow it is harder to motivate yourself to go out and be social when you don't have a partner to help get you out the door. Somehow leaving the house is scarier alone, I suppose.

Well, here's something that works--ask people to help!

Although I hate relying on others, I finally gave in and asked friends over to help me move heavy items out of the future nursery.

My selection of local, non-pregnant friends with healthy backs is limited...but I have a couple.

They all showed up, moved my stuff, and then we had pizza and salad and a nice visit.

So, here's my tip:

Next time you want to get good attendance at a get together--tell people you need some help with a little quick project. You can ask for their help with anything--from projects that require another pair of hands to something where you just want some more opinions.

That will appeal to the best in them and they'll be happy to help.

When people promise to help, they don't want to let you down and they will be sure to show up.

Then you can treat them to home cooked or take in dinner and drinks to thank them!

Everyone feels good and everyone wins.


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