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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday Felt Like Monday...

Okay, the "Monday Stinks" idea does not mean much to me since I freelance from home...but this Sunday felt like a classic Monday.

Saturday night the lightening was striking, the thunder was booming, the cats were chasing each other across the headboard, and the pain in my hips and back kept waking me up.

When the alarm rang to get ready for church, I felt like I was crippled. I couldn't move without sharp stabbing pain in my lower back (sciatica).

Although I knew I would feel worse not going to church, I decided to listen to my body.

When I checked e-mail, I found out that DH had been on a long mission. They spotted an IED and (luckily) defused it before anyone was hurt.

Then I spent the afternoon helping to paint the banner for the Battery. Three of us paint a design every month and all of the ladies and kids sign it or send us messages to write if they are unable to come to the FRG meeting.

I enjoy painting the banner, but it is a little hard on the old back.

However, the day started looking up! The FRG leader said she heard through her husband that the new leader is interested in taking over.

Between the changeover and the birth, this might prove a good opportunity to redefine my role and reduce my commitment a little.

Last night, I actually slept six hours straight...I had a little pain in the morning, but nothing too terrible.

Then, today, I got to Web Cam with DH. I love seeing him--he looks well, but very thin! When he takes leave, with the baby weight gain I will probably weigh as much as he does! Hopefully baby will remedy that shortly after he arrives though, by making her debut.

Also, one of my jobs FINALLY paid me, so I can pay bills this month without taking money from DH's account. That's been a point of pride for me, that I can support the household and my lifestyle back here on my freelance work. Now that we have a baby on the way, we have to keep saving up!

Hopefully this is the beginning of an upward trend for the week.


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