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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Name Game, Part II

Thanks to all who address some of your input and comments.

The middle name will most likely be after my Grandma who passed when I was young...either Margaret or Marjorie.

For the first name we had a great list--I think we've thought of every name in existence!

We narrowed down to 200, then to about 20, then to 10, and now to 3.

Don't worry...we are looking for unusual, not weird. We eliminated anything where the pronounciation or spelling would be a major issue (although everyone spells my name differently and I still love it)!

We want names that you've heard of before, and are feminine, but that you don't hear often. Mostly I am looking at names that were popular 1890-1910, but nothing that screams "old lady" (at least not to me and DH).

Getting down to our top three was easy. Choosing one from the three is tough.

We have one that is very lovely but has been used recently by a famous couple and I am worried it will become too popular in the next year. DH is leaning towards this one, as is the godfather.

Another sounds elegant and is a nice literary reference--but DH is starting to worry it sounds pretentious. This is the favorite of the godmother and is really calling out to me.

Finally, we have a biblical contender that has a lyrical rhythm but is a little alliterative with our last name. This is the top choice among the grandparents.


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