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Sunday, April 30, 2006

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

My last few posts have been negative, and I am trying to concentrate on the positive. Overall, things have been well, but I have a tendency to fixate on and obsess about small errors and injustices.

So, here are ten things that have made me happy recently.

10. Double Chocolate Milanos dipped in caffeine-free chai.

9. The PX had REALLY good pears and I made a pear and Parmesan salad.

8. I got my award for volunteer of the year from my Brigade.

7. An event I planned about Healthy Snacking for my volunteer organization went well.

6. I have started up tutoring again for the AVID program at the high school...and they asked me a math question and I actually knew the answer.

5. Calypso has been sitting on my lap a lot lately--her attention span is really short so she does not stay long, but it is nice to have her visit.

4. So many of my (Texas) friends are having babies.

3. DH has been getting a lot of positive feedback "at work."

2. I saw Baby Girl in 3D and was able to share this with friends and family.

1. DH Called!


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