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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Home Again, Home Again


Yes...I was away for fun reasons. My mom and I took a trip to Italy (my third, her first) before I got too big with baby to enjoy travel.

We had tons of fun--frenetic sightseeing in Rome, leisurely strolls from museum to church in Florence, and sailing through the canals of Venice.

Usually DH is my tour guide, but this time I led mom around through all of the streets, locating famous sights and some a little less well known.

My mom is almost 60 and I am five months pregnant--but the trip went very smoothly!

I am now making my way back home via New York (my hometown).

Being a military spouse even influences the way you take a vacation:

To prepare for the trip, I left Rear D with a full itinerary of hotels, phone numbers, and addresses so they could contact me just in case. This is SO important in case of injury or worse for your soldier. If they cannot contact you, the entire forward operating base (FOB) is on blackout and everyone else cannot hear from their loved ones. Fortunately, that information was not necessary while I was in Italy.

Cyber cafes allowed me to check in with DH almost every day. Although I know that casualty notification would find me just about anywhere in the world, it was still always a huge relief to see his e-mails at the end of my day.


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