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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thank You Soldiers' Angels

I do not have much to post because the more interesting things I cannot post (maybe once the deployment is all over) and otherwise I have just been very...very...very tired. I feel like it is the first trimester again.

However, I did want to thank all the Soldiers' Angels out there for what they do.

DH just sent back two boxes of books from the sandbox. We have no more room for these books anywhere in the house, so I guess I will store them for now.

One of the boxes had all of the letters he has received from Soldiers' Angels.


I had no idea that he was receiving so much mail from these wonderful people. He has received hundreds of letters...and who knows how many packages of supplies and goodies.

On each of the letters, in DH's hand, is the date he replied to each and every letter.

When DH gets back, I will definitely have to make sure I return the favor and adopt a soldier...or perhaps a platoon!


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