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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Troubadour

One of DH's soldiers has recording equipment so DH serenaded Lilah and e-mailed me the file.

I really wanted Lilah to hear DH's voice in utero...and DH came through for me! What a sweet, wonderful husband he is and what a caring Daddy he will be!

Mostly he sang college songs and a couple of traditional, poignant songs. There is one song from college where you insert someone's name and so he inserted Lilah's--when I played it the second time I swear she kicked when he sang her name. Maybe just a coincidence, but it amused me!

I LOVE hearing DH's voice--it is so rich and deep. Hopefully Lilah will inherent DH's vocal talents (though not the exact pitch--she'd sound funny as a little girl with a deep Baritone that borders on Bass).

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