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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Single Mom

Well...not exactly.

Today I couldn't get my wedding band and engagement ring on for the first time. So, with no husband by my side and no rings, I feel like I LOOK like a single mom...

In reality, DH and I have been staying very emotionally close throughout this pregnancy.

I've been taking belly pics and sending updates every week so DH can stay involved and he has been great about reading up on pregnancy and birth and chatting with me about what he reads. He has been as considerate of my feelings as he can be from so far away.

For those of you who mentioned some ideas in other comments--don't worry, we are definitely keeping up the connection...but keep the comments coming for others in a similar situation. The only one I am not doing (and will not do) is tape the birth if he misses it. We can't tape the actual birth itself anyway--but even if we could, that's just not me. A friend said she would tape the birth for me and I answered, "Like HELL you will."

Anyway, I went out to visit my friend's beautiful new baby boy. He is doing very well--full size despite being three weeks early. He arrived on his mom's birthday--Happy Birthday, Mom!

She was lamenting spending her next few birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese's...but I said that she'll just celebrate on the closest weekend night--and when he's a teenager she'll have a real guilt card to keep him from getting too wild on his birthday.

I am so happy that they'll have almost an additional month together as a family before her husband deploys.

The father commented on how his son clearly recognizes his voice from in utero--that made me a little sad. I would love for Lilah to have heard DH's voice throughout the pregnancy. Though there is not much time left, I am hoping DH will tape his soothing and melodious voice so I can play the recording for our baby girl.


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