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Monday, December 19, 2005

We (Pregnant Ladies) Are Everywhere

On Friday, I missed a social at the Brigade Commander's wife's house. Not a smooth move.

I plead pregnancy brain.

Turns out the two other officers' wives in our Battlion forgot about the coffee, too.

Turns out one of the other two just found out she is pregnant, too. We're everywhere.

Seriously, though, I know this looks like Army wives just breed and breed--it really is just an odd confluence of coincidences, I swear! We've been here for a year and no one I know in the Army got pregnant the entire time. In fact, a ton of Junior League (non-military related) ladies got pregnant, instead.

This is her second and it is also the second time she and her husband conceived, without planning to, right before he left.

Deploying men must have super sperm...I think subconsciously, their desire to perpetuate their genes kicks into high gear, making their sperm extra fertile.

Saturday morning we wrapped presents at the P/X for a Battalion fundraiser and that night the three of us chatted and drank (Sparkling Cider for the preggers, Beer for the other lady) at her house...which was nice and relaxing.

Saturday I also went and bought a Litter Maid automatic Litter Box to avoid contact with the litter. I also got the food sealer (cheap! at Walmart) to package Family Readiness Group cookies for our soldiers.

Sunday I just slept and slept and slept...and did a little bit of work.

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Today I went out with one of my pregnant friends and bought my first item of maternity clothing (we were just browsing but there was a good sale so I got a cute skirt) and some of that anti-stretch-mark cream. I also bought some expectant father books for DH. I heard through the grapevine that he has been scrounging for books.

I have been holding back on most of the purchases, because I am superstitious about the possibility of miscarriage and every ache and pain brings it to mind. The other night I also spotted two pale pink spots. Although I am told that is normal, I will feel much better when I actually have my first appointment. I also am not getting morning sickness, though I do have other symptoms (mainly exhaustion). According to one study, however, pregnant women in societies with mainly vegetarian diets do not have morning sickness. So, maybe it is my veggie diet.

I am not getting stressed, though, because that would be bad for baby and there is nothing I can do about that, anyway. The Army life has definitely taught me to be calm in the face of that which I cannot change.


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