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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Webcam Wonders

DH decided to experiment with the webcam in a Cyber Cafe tonight (or this morning, his time). I really need to get me one of these!

Seeing his face made me SOOO happy! You can tell he just got back from PT.

I am really tired right now but that perked me up. DH reminded me I have to pamper myself because he is not here to do it. He suggested a little bowl of Cherry Garcia iced cream so I think I'm going to get a bid bowl out right now.

This morning, I sent my first "CARE" packages off--really it was a bunch DH's equipment he could not fit in his bags. Tomorrow I can start sending the fun ones. Some friends have given me great ideas, which I'll share later.

Last night I also ordered him some equipment to be sent directly. For those who are trying to pack for deployment right now, you should get a high-powered, hand-held, rechargable spotlight, and a slingshot as well. The slingshot is for discouraging those who get too close to the convoys. Apparently now the soldiers have to fill out tons of paperwork everytime they discharge a weapon. So, the slingshots streamline the process while still affording some protection.

I also set up a wish list for him on so he could get videos, books, and small electronics (a USB mini-mouse) from friends and family members who want to send him things. to wrap Christmas presents so I can send them off tomorrow to New York. The cats are "helping."


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