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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blogging for Two

DH finally called and so I am pleased to announce this special offer:

If you continue to read my blog, you will not only find out about the life of an army wife, not only the life of an army wife who is active in the family readiness group, not only the life of an army wife who is active in the family readiness group and whose husband is will also find out about:

The life of a PREGNANT army wife who is active in the family readiness group and whose husband is deployed.

All for the same Low, Low Price of: FREE! So, please keep reading and commenting.

I have just been absolutely crazy to tell DH. I wanted to tell him first and I did not want to do it over e-mail. Most of the phones have been down where he is. He waited online for four hours to call me at 2:00 am their time--and he said it was worth it!

When he said, "Hello, Love," I answered, "Hello, Daddy"

He asked, "Why do you say that?"

I replied, "Well...I think you had better get used to being called, 'Daddy.'"

DH was so cute...he kept asking, "Are you sure? How sure are you?"

I explained that Thursday night I had taken a cheapo test and then the next day I went out and got one of the digital ones (that say "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant"). Besides, I am four days "late" and I am normally like clockwork. I will go to the doctor tomorrow for a test because military installations require it, but I'm pretty darn sure.

Normally, we would probably wait until the second trimester to spread the news.

Although we are a little concerned about telling people so early, we are going to tell our parents and grandparents now.

Partially because I want to be able to call my mom and talk to her, because DH will not be available like that due to the deployment.

Also, since I do like to drink wine, most of our local friends will figure it out soon and I do not think it right that grandmas and grandpas (and great grandmas and great grandpas) are the last to know. One of my friends (who is just a couple of weeks more pregnant than I am) has already been pestering me with questions because she knows we have been trying. She is a nurse and she knows that I should know by now.

I just called my Mom and Dad and Mom is not home for another hour. I'm going crazy just waiting to tell them!

In other news...Saturday I went to the Junior League's "Christmas Coffee."

We have been collecting ornaments to decorate a tree for a family in need. I am in charge of organizing these "Done in a Day" projects for my chapter and I collected more ornaments at the Coffee and held a little raffle for those who donated.

Later that evening, I went with another Junior League member whose husband is also deployed to Salado. They have a little Christmas stroll with food vendors, carollers, pictures with Santa, and all of the stores stay open late. It was a lot of fun and between the fresh air and the exercise, I got a good night's sleep for the first time since DH left!

Well, I have to clean this place and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.


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