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Friday, December 16, 2005

Care Package Fun

Today I felt a sharp pain in my tummy. That scared me a little because I had heard sharp pain = bad. But it was very quick and I have a tendency to overreact to these things so I decided to call the women's clinic rather than go in.

No answer.

Called again later. Someone picked up after two rings (WOW!) and put me through to a nurse. The nurse said this is normal... if the pain is severe and sustained and/or is accompanied by bleeding, that is a problem.

So, I went about my errands. I finally got all of DH's equipment off and sent my first CARE package. (DH, if you are looking, stop reading)

This is a food one--powdered gatoraid, pretzels, summer sausage and cheese pack, Starbucks coffee, spices, etc.

The next one will be a sports package. A 1st Cav guy told me that one of the best packages they received contained footballs, soccer balls, and frisbees.

I also baked cookies (not for DH, I'm waiting until he gets to his final destination for that to ensure maximum freshness) for my Daddy. A couple of years ago, Daddy complained that since I moved out, we haven't made Christmas chocolate chip cookies together. Now, I do not remember this tradition, but I went along with it last year and baked him some yummy cookies. This year, I am sending them with the 4th ID gifts.

I'm such a Daddy's girl.

DH was able to IM and webcam tonight so I got a real treat. I have not been getting much work one with all these errands and the pregnancy exhaustion so I should get some work done.

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