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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Soldier's Widow Keeps His Memory Alive Through His Son, Born Two Years After His Death

I saw this link on a message board I read: Two years after US soldier's death, widow has his son.

Before DH left for Iraq, we were trying to conceive. We didn't know if it would work, and in fact we did not find out I was pregnant until two days after he had left.

Although we never discussed a sperm bank, one of the things we discussed is how I would feel carrying and raising his child should something happen to him. He was concerned that it would make it more difficult for me to begin a new life. And I told him that I love him and really want to have a child with him, that I couldn't be guaranteed I would ever feel that way about another man, and that having his child would give me a reason to stay focused on life.

Fortunately, my husband came back from Iraq.

Kathleen Smith was not to have that particular blessing. However, she and her husband had frozen some of his semen so that they could keep trying to have a baby, despite their fertility difficulties.

Some people are concerned because they did not expressly discuss the idea of her using the sperm in the event of his death. I also get why the grandparents weren't sure at first.

However, it sounds like the couple were very committed to having a child together. Ultimately, I think I will put this down to "Until you walk a mile..." I haven't been in this brave widow's shoes and it sounds like the love she has for her husband and their child is truly beautiful.

Anyone else??? What are your thoughts on the topic.

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