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Friday, May 18, 2007

Increase Your Page Rank

As I have mentioned, I have a new project and a new personal blog.

(BTW--don't stop reading this blog, yet...I will have a cool interview and an announcement, soon)

My project is commercial in nature and is also a fun read for all the ladies, especially the mommies: Mamanista!

Now, apparently, while I've been happily blogging away here for several years on An Army Wife's Life for amusement, mine and hopefully yours, the Internet has become full of all of these ratings and rankings.

Unbeknownst to me until this week, An Army Wife's Life has actually managed to do somewhat well. I apparently have a Page Rank of 5. Since Mamanista! is brand new, it on the other hand is at the bottom of the Internet totem pole.

Here's what I am asking: Please link to Mamanista! (

What's in it for you, you ask?
  1. You get to let your readers in on the newest, coolest, hippest blog for moms on a budget. Oh, and we have a monthly contest for newsletter subscribers, too! You can mention anything you like about the site, just try not to be mean because that might make me cry or something. You do not have to promise to give me a glowing review, just write something that has at least a little specificity and use "Chic, Hip Baby Gifts" as your anchor text and I promise to do the same for you for your specified site and text. If you link Mamanista! on your sidebar, I will also exchange that with a link on An Army Wife's Life sidebar, but you also have to link within a legitimate post!!!
  2. If you have a Page Rank of 3 or higher I will link back to you from An Army Wife's Life (this PR 5 blog you are currently reading). If you have a page rank of 1 or 2, but you are a military spouse or a mom with a fun blog, let me know and I will probably be willing to go for it.
  3. If I already link to you, please send some link love to Mamanista! anyway and you'll still get linky love and my gratitude:
Small print: I will not link to anything pornographic, illegal, racist, spammy, overly vulgar, or just plain sketchy. You must have a legitimate site. I am the sole arbiter of that in this case.

If you are interested, just e-mail me at: mamaluxe at gmail dot com (remember to replace at with @ and dot with . and take out the spaces)!!!

More Ways to Show Love
  • Visit the site! Sign up for our newsletter! You'll get something out of this, too!
  • We are running a contest right now where the winner gets a Miracle Blanket (if you are a new mom, you want this, otherwise, it is a great shower gift...BTW--Miracle Blanket is a super military friendly company) just have to sign up for our newsletter to enter.
  • We also have an exclusive Miracle Blanket coupon code, as well as lots of other coupons that are not just for moms, so check it out.
  • If you like what you see, click on our sponsors and purchase items through our links!
  • I have some buttons, too, which you'll see at the end of this post.

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