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Once upon a time I was a college student, then I was a teacher, and now I'm a mother. Technically, I'm currently a freelance writer... but really I am an ARMY WIFE. Expect to find... funny (at least to me) anecdotes, thoughts about la vida military, hopes, anxieties, dreams, commentaries on current events.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Journey


I was writing a political blog and noticed that a lot of people who came to my blog were looking for information on the military lifestyle. Also, I know I want to keep a blog while my husband is deployed. So, I've started this new blog. I'm going record my experiences as an Army Wife starting with my husband's decision to enlist and his entry into Basic Training in September of '03 all the way through our experiences with Officer Candidate School (OCS), Field Artillery Officer Basic Course (OBC), and our first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to Ft. Hood. Expect an update every one to two weeks.

By the time I catch up, my dearest husband will likely be at the National Training Center, preparing for deployment to Iraq. Then the blog will switch to current "diary entries" and will have more frequent updates, perhaps once a day.

Hope you enjoy.

- Army Artillery Wife


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